Kids love crystals for their beauty, but did you know these gorgeous gemstones can also be powerful tools to help them stay grounded, manage big emotions and navigate transitions with ease?

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As a therapist, I’ve spent the past 15 years working with clients to help them adjust to change, learn skills to reduce anxiety, and develop a more confident mindset. With this in mind, we’ve created the Kid’s Collection and a line of Calming Crystals. I use them with all my clients and you can use them at home too.

Here’s what some parents are saying:

 “My daughter keeps her calming crystals next to her bed, they help her reduce anxiety around bedtime.”

“My son loves his Tiger’s Eye bracelet. Whenever he wears it he reminds me that he is brave. It’s been a great transition tool for kindergarten. He wears it every day! Thank you.”

“My daughter has been carrying her calming crystal with her to help with anxiety. She grabbed it before her dentist appointment, which typically makes her nervous, but she used this stone to soothe her and it worked.”

“My daughter LOVES her new focus bracelets! The stone was an added bonus… She can’t wait to carry it with her in her backpack. Thank you so much.”

Why You Need It

The physical act of massaging a crystal for several minutes is proven to provide therapeutic & psychological benefits that help soothe the nervous system, reduce stress and anxiety, increase focus and can help your child feel grounded.

According to the principles of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, calming crystals support self-soothing exercises. They also help counteract negative comforting habits like biting your nails, pulling your hair, or picking a scab.

Science shows that calming crystals have a profound impact on reducing stress, shifting mindset and breaking negative thinking patterns. When you begin rubbing the stone between your fingers, acupressure points are triggered, stimulating nerve endings that activate different parts of the brain. This creates a release of endorphins, which naturally calms the mind and activates more positive feelings.

According to the theory of acupressure, when you manually press specific points on your hands, you are activating corresponding energy meridian points on your body to stimulate the system to come into balance.

How It Works

Rubbing on a worry stone can calm your child’s nerves and relieve stress instantly. When combined with intention setting, meditation or prayer, it can lead to incredible changes in thinking patterns and behaviors.

Gently move your thumb back and forth over the surface of the worry stone while focusing on positive thoughts. This simple act will help release physical tension and will activate pressure points that stimulate nerve endings connected to your brain. After a few minutes, you should feel a sense of calm and renewed focus on the task at hand.

The thumb and pointer finger are responsible for reducing fear and worry, which is why these calming crystals are often called worry stones.

Calming crystals are a discreet way to calm your nerves when you are in public, at school or with a group. Is your child nervous about a test or speaking in front of the class? Give them a stone to keep in their pocket or pencil case so they can easily pull it out, massage it, and watch their anxieties fade and focus improve.

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