Shake off that winter energy and get in the springtime spirit! To celebrate this beautiful season, we’re sharing our favorite crystals for spring along with a free gift during the month of April—a matching gemstone with every purchase.

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How can crystals help shift my energy this spring? Crystals can be useful tools for both children and adults, as they serve as daily reminders of your goals and worth. Crystals help us to detach from patterns that aren’t serving us and to redirect that energy towards what we want to create.

Selenite – Clear Negative Energy

Want to clear up stagnant energy and increase clarity? Selenite is the perfect crystal for you! Selenite is a beautiful, peaceful stone that carries a high vibration and helps to promote mental clarity, inner peace and can help to cleanse your surroundings of negative energy.

Selenite can help to clear energy blocks from your aura, your home or from other crystals. It helps you strengthen your intuition, so you can clearly set your intentions. Because Selenite is so pure and powerful, it rarely needs to be cleansed or charged, but when you place any other bracelet or crystal on it, Selenite will cleanse the gemstones and amplify its positive energy.

Moonstone – Rebirth Into Spring

Moonstone is a wonderful gemstone for new beginnings and rebirth into spring, making it a perfect crystal to wear or have during this time of year.

Known as the “Stone of Motherhood,” Moonstone is a beautiful and powerful crystal recognized for its strong feminine energy. It is believed to balance female hormones and is great for relieving stress, heightening your intuition and soothing your emotions.

Moonstone Bracelet Rock Your Worth
Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz – Positive Vibes

Clear Quartz adds extra good vibes to any environment, so keeping it close by will help you feel that fresh, springtime energy even more.

Clear Quartz is a must-have because it is an overall cleanser and amplifier of positive energy. Known as a “Universal Healer,” it can be used for almost any type of healing or for cleansing your aura or surroundings. It will help you clear your intentions so you can manifest anything you desire in your life.

Green Moss Agate – New Beginnings & Self-Love

Amplify those healthy habits with Green Moss Agate. Great for kids and adults alike, wearing Green Moss Agate is a daily reminder to take actions towards the healthy habits you want to adopt into your life.

Green Moss Agate will boost all the good-natured springy vibes. It is known to support new beginnings, help to balance emotions and encourage an abundant mindset. This gemstone is also used to promote mental health, as it encourages self-love and love for others—all good things in our book!

Amazonite Beaded Bracelet Rock Your Worth

Amazonite – Inspire Positive Thinking

Amazonite will help you feel cool, calm and collected with confidence. It is another stone for new beginnings, helping to inspire new positive thoughts and feelings.

Amazonite is an authentic gemstone that promotes hope and optimism, while increasing positive energy. It helps to reduce stress, promote peace, enhance intuition and boost self-love.

Amazonite allows you to speak up and shine–it is a stone that is said to inspire those who wear it–helping you express yourself and speak with confidence.