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Specially-created for kids with big hearts and big intentions! Our Kids Collection features 4mm baby beads, sized just right for kids ages 4-5 or older.

Our gemstone bracelets for kids will help your child feel empowered and confident, as each bracelet serves as a visual cue that will inspire positive thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Help your child overcome obstacles, increase self-esteem and learn to love the skin they’re in with these wearable reminders of their innate worth.

Plus, each gemstone has unique healing properties and superpowers for kids! Choose any that will help your favorite little one feel their best, reach their goals and attract all that they desire! (See gemstone descriptions below…)

Package includes: A surprise crystal! To keep with them at all times, and both come in jewelry pouch for safe-keeping and travel. Each bracelet in our Kids Collection also contains kid-friendly directions for setting intentions, to help children learn mindfulness skills and develop confidence.

Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off! Any color.


Brave & Balanced Bracelet, Amazonite for Kids

Amazonite is a calming, confident and couragous stone. Amazonite will help kids feel brave and balanced.

Calm & Strong Bracelet, Amethyst for Kids

Amethyst is a calming gemstone, known to reduce anxiety and increase willpower and inner strength. Amethyst will help kids feel calm and strong.

Fearless & Confident Bracelet, Tiger’s Eye for Kids

Tiger’s Eye is a powerful gemstone that increases confidence and courage, while eliminating fear, anxieties and worries. Tiger’s Eye will help kids feel fearless and confident.

Focus & Friendly Bracelet, Sodalite for Kids

Sodalite increases confidence in communication, allowing kids to feel focused, free to express themselves and open to communicating with others. Sodalite will help kids feel focused and friendly.

Happy & Hopeful Bracelet, Aquamarine for Kids

Aquamarine is a peaceful gemstone, known to increase happiness, inner peace and positive thinking. Aquamarine will help kids feel happy and hopeful.

Healthy & Positive Bracelet, Green Moss Agate for Kids

Green Moss Agate is a healing gemstone, known to reduce anger and support mental health and emotional balance. Green Moss Agate will help kids feel healthy and positive.

Love & Joyful Bracelet, Rose Quartz for Kids

Rose Quartz activates loving energy and reminds each child that they are loved and important. Rose Quartz will help them feel love, happiness and joy.

Lucky & Motivated Bracelet, Green Aventurine for Kids

Green Aventurine is an abundant gemstone, known to increase luck, prosperity and success. Green Aventurine will help kids feel lucky and motivated.

Peaceful & Positive Bracelet, Moonstone for Kids

Moonstone is a calming and peaceful gemstone, known to increase positive thinking, intuition and inner peace. Moonstone will help kids feel peaceful and optimistic.

Powerful & Protected Bracelet, Onyx for Kids

Onyx is a protection gemstone, known to protect against negative people and experiences, while increasing healthy boundaries and inner peace. Onyx will help kids feel powerful and protected.

Smart & Creative Bracelet, Labradorite for Kids

Labradorite is a magical manifestation gemstone, known to increase creativity, inspiration and intuition. Labradorite will help kids feel smart and creative.

Additional information

Bead Size

4mm (baby beads)

Bracelet Size

Child Size (5.25-5.75"), Youth Size (6.0-6.5")


For ages 5+


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