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Temper Tamer for Kids


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Our kids bracelets are visual cues that inspire positive thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Each gemstone has unique superpowers for kids! This power pack includes two (2) 4mm beaded bracelets for kids: Amethyst and Green Moss Agate.

Intention for Kids: ” I am calm and in control of my actions.”

Package includes: A surprise crystal! To keep with you at all times. Also includes instructions for setting intentions for kids and a jewelry pouch for safe-keeping and travel.

In stock


How It Works

Amethyst is a calming gemstone, known to reduce anxiety, while Green Moss Agate is a healing gemstone, known to reduce anger and support mental health and emotional balance. When paired together, this crystal combo will help kids feel calm and in control, while reducing fears, anxieties or worries.

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Bead Size

4mm (baby beads)

Bracelet Size

5 to 6-inch elastic


For ages 5+


Two (2) 4mm Bracelets for Kids


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