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Happy Hearts Kid’s Collection


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Just in time for Valentine’s Day! Give your little valentine and remind your child how much they are loved with our Happy Hearts Kids Collection. Each set encourages positive self-talk, reminds children of their unique qualities and enhances self-esteem.

Each set comes with a heart-shaped crystal, matching gemstone bracelet, affirmation stickers and kid-friendly directions for setting intentions, to help children learn mindfulness skills and develop confidence.

These heart shaped gemstones are wonderful tools for grounding, calming and reminding them that they are safe and loved.


Green Aventurine — Happiness, Luck and Confidence.

Help them feel loved and supported with Green Aventurine. This crystal is associated with the heart chakra and is known to enhance happiness, luck, love and motivation. Known as one of the luckiest crystals, Green Aventurine reminds kids that they can overcome obstacles with a positive mindset. It’s a motivational stone, helping them let go of past disappointments and helps them feel optimistic about the future.

Rose Quartz — Love, Joy, Positive Energy

Rose Quartz reminds each child that they are loved and important. This beautiful pink stone encourages self-confidence, friendliness, and a joyful attitude.

Tiger’s Eye — Strength, Bravery and Self-Esteem

Tiger’s Eye reminds children that they are brave. This powerful stone increases confidence and courage, while eliminating fear, worry and doubt. Tiger’s Eye reminds children of their inner power and strength to achieve whatever they put their minds to. This stone is known to help kids feel supported, powerful and worthy of their dreams.

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