Healthy Relationships Passion Creativity

Garnet gemstones are known to heal and enhance relationships of all kinds. A stone that stimulates the mind and body, Garnet is a tool that can transform your energy. Feeling fatigued, uninspired or unhappy in the bedroom? Garnet is your crystal cure. Read below for more ways Garnet can improve your life.

Healthy Relationships

Attract, heal and improve relationships of any kind with Garnet. This gemstone will give you confidence in creating healthy relationships and setting boundaries so that you can feel comfortable being your best self.

Intimacy & Passion

Garnet is the stone of sexual attraction and intimacy. It is said to increase metabolism and libido, as well as confidence in one’s self. Garnet is associated with the sacral chakra, which is responsible for enhancing your sex drive and improving your relationship.

Energy & Creativity

Garnet is a natural energy enhancer and is known to stimulate your mind and body. This gemstone will help you fight fatigue and motivate you to focus on more positive and uplifting thoughts.