Start your new year off right…

With an optimistic mindset and the confidence to achieve whatever you put your mind to. Our gemstone bracelets are wearable reminders of your resolutions, goals and your WORTH.

These three crystals are known for their positive, protective and inspiring energies. Learn more below about our top picks for the New Year, and get yours today, as there are limited quantities available.

Plus, watch a short video here on Instagram, with quick tips on these crystals for the New Year.

3 Crystals You Need for the New Year

Amethyst Bracelet Rock Your Worth


Amethyst is amazing for willpower, strength and setting (and achieving) your goals. Available in both kids and adult sizes, and our powerful worry stones.

Labradorite Beaded Bracelet Rock Your Worth


Lovely Labradorite is wonderful for making your intuition stronger and helping you feel all the good vibes to take you into the new year. Available in both kids and adult sizes, and our worry stones.

Pyrite Bracelet Rock Your Worth


Pyrite, gets your mind right! It’s a powerful crystal for manifesting whatever you want in life. This stone is known to attract good luck, financial abundance and success. Very limited quantities available in adult sizes and our worry stones.