Welcome to Rock Your Worth! We are on a mission to empower and inspire you by providing a wearable tool that will shift your mindset to more positive and powerful thoughts.

Rock Your Worth is a collection of inspirational jewelry and natural gemstones & crystals that radiate positive energy, to help you break-free from negative thinking patterns and build unstoppable confidence.

Created by Emily Roberts, MA, LPC, a New York therapist, also known as The Guidance Girl, a specialist in female empowerment and self-esteem. As a therapist who mainly works with women and girls, Emily helps her clients reset their mindset and become more self-confident.

How does Rock Your Worth work?

Through visual cues that disrupt negative beliefs and self-destructive thought patterns that hold you back from living the life you want. The concept is simple—when you see it, you start to believe it.

Worn daily, each bracelet is designed with a reminder to honor your greatness. You can activate your self-confidence through the message on each bracelet and the energy in each gemstone curated by their unique healing properties.

Mix and match our intention bands with any combination of our gemstone bracelets to attract different healing powers; or choose the best ones that fit your style.

These bracelets are a daily reminder of your worth, your goals and your value. You are worthy of everything you desire and living at your highest potential!

Our Company

Created by Emily Roberts, MA, LPC, a Psychotherapist in New York City, also known as The Guidance Girl, a specialist in female empowerment and reinforcing self-esteem, and co-founded by her partner, Meredith Davis, a specialist in retail and digital marketing, and a developer in online commerce technology.

Friends for years, Emily and Meredith have found positive affirmations and the beauty and energy in crystals to be so helpful in their own lives, they wanted to create something that could be carried around daily as a reminder of their goals and intentions. Rock Your Worth was created as a wearable affirmation that reminds you to shift your mindset and live the life you deserve!

Emily Roberts, MA, LMHC
Emily Roberts, MA, LMHCFounder
Psychotherapist, Published Author, Speaker and Media Contributor – also known as The Guidance Girl
Meredith Davis
Meredith DavisCo-Founder
E-Commerce Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Specialist, Website Designer & Online Consultant