One of the crystals we’re crushing on right now is Quantum Quattro, a beautiful high-vibrational gemstone filled with powerful healing energy unlike anything we’ve used before. This stone is known as a “Universal Healer” and we’ve noticed an improvement in our energy and immunity since adding it to our collection. More on our love affair with Quantum Quattro below, but here are some of the interesting aspects of this gem.

Quantum Quattro is only found in one country on the planet, Namibia, and combines four power-packed minerals embedded within Smoky Quartz: Chrysocolla, Ajoite, Malachite and Shattuckite. A more fitting name for this stone would be Quantum Cinco, as there are five total crystal properties in one gorgeous stone, but I guess Quattro has a better ring to it. Together these crystals bring a unique combination of healing properties and superpowers that you can’t find in any other gemstone.

Emily has been wearing wearing this crystal for a few weeks and has noticed some dramatic changes:

“I feel calm, clear and have less fear. I’ve been more energetic and vibrant even on cold and dreary days; it definitely has some immunity boosting and healing benefits. Interestingly enough, I’ve also had more abundant opportunities come my way since using Quantum Quattro and feel more connected to my intuition.  I really feel that this stone has helped me manifest more positive energy in my life. Every morning, I put it in my pocket or bra and say “lets do this.” Several clients also found this stone helpful noting that it reminds them that they are worthy of health and wealth, as well as feeling protected from negative energy.”

Keep reading to see how each component in this gemstone can supercharge your intentions and how they can work for you specifically. Click here to shop this stone.

Smoky Quartz

Calming, Grounding, Protecting

Smoky Quartz protects and eliminates negative ions, bringing vitality and strength to chronic conditions, and it is a good stone for energy depletion and exhaustion and known to balance the Thyroid.


Provides Tranquility, Acceptance and Strength

Chrysocolla increases the capacity to love, eases emotional heartache, and provides strength and balance. It releases stress, anxiety and feelings of guilt, grief and depression. Physically, Chrysocolla is used most often with the Throat Chakra, where it helps with communication and strengthens the Thyroid and adrenal glands. It is also excellent for high blood pressure, high sugar levels, sore throats and laryngitis.


Brings Peace, Harmony and Healing

Ajoite is another rare and high-vibration stone that provides healing and protection, while bringing peace and harmony. This gemstone is said to assist you in connecting with your higher self and helps to heal old emotional wounds, by releasing and overcoming sorrow, anger and fear. As a “Stone of Transformation,” Ajoite brings change and assists with growth, healing and harmonizing the emotional, physical and etheric bodies. Physically, Ajoite is a very powerful healing remedy, and is a great stone for all healers and spiritual seekers.

Its qualities connect the heart and the throat creating more loving energy and enhancing creativity, while helping to support manifestation by removing the self-limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from your highest good. The vibration of this loving stone within the throat area, may clear and energize the throat chakra, and stimulate you to communicate with truth.


Assists in Releasing Old Habits, Healing Traumas, and Thought Patterns

Malachite is a deeply healing and protective crystal that helps to release old habits, trauma and thought patterns. Malachite stimulates life force throughout the aura of the body and it helps with stress, anxiety and depression. Physically, Malachite guards against all electromagnetic radiation. It helps the liver to release toxins and balances hormones. Malachite assists in healing the body, while enhancing the immune system and providing pain relief.


Balances the Body by Releasing Stuck and Negative Energy

Shattuckite is a great stone for enhancing intuition and communication with yourself and others. It releases the fears that hold you back from speaking up and making changes in your life. Shattuckite balances the body and helps to release stagnant energy. Physically, this stone is helpful for ailments in the throat, thyroid, and tonsils.