Move over chocolate, there’s a new V-Day gift in town. Crystals and gemstones that evoke the very essence of Valentine’s Day are the perfect gift for someone you love. Whether you want to share feelings of love, joy, happiness, positive vibes or heart-healing energy, our crystals and bracelets are the perfect accessory for you to give or attract the warm fuzzies this Valentine’s Day.

Five Crystals for Love

While Rose Quartz is a popular stone for love and attracting romance, there are some other higher-level crystals that can get your mind and your heart in the right place, they are known to bring more love and healing energy into your life.

These Gemstones Also Deserve a Moment…

Garnet Supports Healthy Relationships

GarnetAttract, heal and improve relationships of any kind with Garnet. This gemstone is a gorgeous reminder that you are worthy of love and respect. Garnet will amplify your passion and creativity, while improving your love life and friendships.

Green Aventurine Activates the Heart Chakra

Green AventurineGreen Aventurine is a heart healer, used to clear and activate the Heart Chakra for general well-being and emotional peace. It works to release old patterns, habits, and disappointments so new growth can take place. It will bring you optimism in love and is said to attract more loving relationships.

Green Moss Agate is a Heart Healer

Green Moss AgateGreen Moss Agate instills confidence in new beginnings, letting go, reducing anger and resentment, and healing pain from unhealthy relationships. It also promotes emotional balance, prosperity & abundance, supports new beginnings, encourages self-love and compassion for others.

Kunzite Connects the Mind & Heart

KunziteKunzite is a unique and rare, high-energy crystal known as the “Stone of Emotion,” which helps to open and connect the heart and mind, allowing the two to become one. Kunzite will help you break down the walls around your heart and eliminate any negative emotional blocks that are keeping you stuck, while opening your heart and mind to receive more abundant and unconditional love. Kunzite is a high vibrational stone activating more love in every way.

And, Lastly…

Rose Quartz Attracts Love & Happiness

Rose QuartzRose Quartz is the ultimate stone for attracting love of all kinds. If you’re single and ready to mingle, this gemstone will give you the confidence and clarity you need to find the right partner and help you heal from past relationships and heartache.



Which crystals connect with you? Take our quiz, get our Love Kit or shop other Valentine’s Day gifts, and start attracting more love into your life this year!