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Willpower & Self-Control – Amethyst


Calming Emotional Strength Willpower

Amethyst is a powerful crystal that encourages inner strength and willpower. Known as the “Sober Stone,” this gemstone will help you break free from any unhealthy habits, addictions or thoughts that interfere with your wellbeing or achieving your goals. Use Amethyst for enhancing self-control in any area of your life.

When combined with Onyx, a powerful protection stone, you’ll feel grounded, focused on the path to achieving your goals, protected from negative energy and a powerful shift in perspective every time you wear these gemstones.

All women’s bracelets include our signature gold-plated embossed charm, instructions for setting your own intentions, and a jewelry pouch for safe-keeping and travel.

Additional information

Weight2 oz
Dimensions3 × 3 × 1 in

A color variation of purple hues. Choose between a shiny dark purple bead or a soft matte bead with a variation of light and dark purple colors.

Give Back:

A percentage of each purchase goes towards funding local girl empowerment organizations.


Instructions included to amplify your worth and create your own unique intention.


Due to the natural characteristics of gemstones, the beads may vary slightly in color and pattern compared to the pictures displayed.

Our Gemstones:

All of our bracelets contain natural gemstones and have been sourced for authenticity. These crystals have been individually cleansed of negative energy and charged with positive intentions to help you activate your worth.



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