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Amethyst Geode Crystal, Raw Stone & Geode Cluster


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Amethyst is a powerful crystal, known to help increase your willpower and strength, while reducing your anxiety. It helps you trust your gut. It aligns you with your intuition and is a powerful protective crystal that encourages inner strength. It is known as a healing crystal, encouraging introspection, true feelings and intuition. It stimulates balance and magnifies positive vibes.

Geode size: 3-6 inches, shapes vary.

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Amethyst helps you strengthen your willpower, increases positive energy, provides protection, aides in emotional balance, and activates intuition. It cleanses your aura, and body, of negativity including toxic emotions such as anger, anxiety, and fear; thereby, attracting new positive energy.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

A color variation of purple hues.

Give Back:

A percentage of each purchase goes towards funding local girl empowerment organizations.


Instructions included to amplify your worth and create your own unique intention.


Due to the natural characteristics of gemstones, each stone may vary slightly in color and pattern compared to the pictures displayed.

Our Gemstones:

All of our raw stones are natural and have been sourced for authenticity. These crystals have been individually cleansed of negative energy and charged with positive intentions to help you activate your worth.



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