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Protection & Boundaries Bracelet, Petite Onyx


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Protection Peace Boundaries

Onyx is a powerful crystal known for its protective qualities. Onyx helps you feel secure in making decisions and confident setting healthy boundaries with others. It absorbs negative energy, from people or situations that interfere with your well-being. Onyx calms the mind and encourages you to respect yourself. The properties in Onyx help you feel confident in your decisions, as it eliminates worry and fear.

Our Petite Onyx Bracelet is a 4mm Onyx Beaded Bracelet (baby beads). Includes our signature gold-plated embossed charm (6mm), instructions for setting your own intentions, and a jewelry pouch for safe-keeping and travel.

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Onyx is a powerful stone for Protection, Boundaries, and Overcoming Anxiety, Fear and Worries. It is known to absorb negative energy, reduce anxiety, and provide you with the confidence to set healthy boundaries and make sound decisions.

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