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Focus & Clarity Bracelet – Little Luxury Sodalite


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Get your stack on! Perfect for layering and loving yourself, our most popular gemstones are now available in smaller, super powerful stones. Layer up with all your favorite gems, so you can rock your worth! Buy 1 to 2 or get the whole collection to create your own unique stack to help fight back those negative thoughts and vibes. Interchange the stones to fit your mood or to amplify how you want to feel each day.

Sodalite is a powerful stone for Focus, Clarity, Creativity and Confidence in Communication.

Our Little Luxury Stackables Sodalite Bracelet is a 6mm Sodalite Beaded Bracelet (small beads).

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Assertiveness Focus Communication

Sodalite is known to calm an overactive mind helping you concentrate, focus and make decisions with ease. This crystal is helpful for enhancing creativity and inspiration, optimizing focus, and assists in clear communication with yourself and others.

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