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Sleep & Stress Relief – Howlite & Onyx Power Duo

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Focus & Confidence – Sodalite & Onyx Power Duo

Self-Expression Assertiveness Communication
Sodalite and onyx are a powerful combination of stones allowing you to feel confident and focused (on your intentions, goals or in any situation).
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Anti-Anxiety Kit

Our Anti-Anxiety Kit helps you reduce anxiety and calm your mind. This crystal toolkit is ideal for those who struggle with fearful or obsessive thoughts by providing you with soothing and protective energy. This bundle comes with our 6mm Amethyst Stackable Bracelet, Amethyst Worry Stone, a powerful crystal that enhances intuition and allows you to feel safe and secure, a Selenite wand and a stick of Palo Santo. These tools can be used together or individually to ease anxious thoughts, amplify your energy and clear any negative vibrations you or your crystals have picked up. How It Works: Wear the bracelet daily and carry the worry stone to ease your mind and reduce anxiety. Using your thumb, gently massage the surface of the worry stone when you’re feeling worried or overwhelmed to soothe your nervous system. Read below for more info on how these tools can help you.
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Stress Relief & Positive Energy Bracelet, Little Luxury Smoky Quartz

Focus Protection Positive Energy
Smoky Quartz is the perfect crystal to relieve tension and stress, as well as eliminate worry and doubt, especially when you’re faced with chaotic or confusing situations. This powerful gemstone will help protect you from any negative energy in your life and negative thinking patterns.
Our Little Luxury Stackables Smoky Quartz Bracelet is a 6mm Smoky Quartz Beaded Bracelet (small beads).
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Goal Getter Collection

Banish bad habits and focus up on your goals! This powerful bracelet collection will empower you from the moment you receive it. If you need to shift your mindset to eliminate mental blocks, this collection will do the trick.
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Protection & Boundaries Bracelet – Little Luxury Onyx

Get your stack on! Perfect for layering and loving yourself, our most popular gemstones are now available in smaller, super powerful stones. Layer up with all your favorite gems, so you can rock your worth! Buy 1 to 2 or get the whole collection to create your own unique stack to help fight back those negative thoughts and vibes. Interchange the stones to fit your mood or to amplify how you want to feel each day. Onyx is a powerful stone for Protection, Boundaries, and Overcoming Anxiety, Fear and Worries. It is known to absorb negative energy, reduce anxiety, and provide you with the confidence to set healthy boundaries and make sound decisions. Our Little Luxury Stackables Onyx Bracelet is a 6mm Onyx Beaded Bracelet (small beads).
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Amethyst Crystal, Raw Stone

Amethyst is a powerful crystal, known to help increase your Willpower and Strength, while reducing your Anxiety. It helps you trust your gut. It aligns you with your intuition and is a powerful protective crystal that encourages inner strength. It is known as a healing crystal, encouraging introspection, true feelings and intuition. It stimulates balance and magnifies positive vibes.
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Positive Vibes Gemstone Gift Set

A Gemstone Gift that ROCKS! Give someone the tools to stress less and feel their best all year long! Our exclusive Positive Vibes Gemstone Gift Set includes all of the self-care, healing tools you need to reduce stress and anxiety, soothe your nervous system, enhance your intuition and amplify love and joy in your life. This Positive Vibes bundle features a powerful combo of crystals that you can use whether on-the-go or at home. This gift set includes a cleansing bundle of Selenite and Palo Santo, a Clear Quartz, a Chevron Amethyst, and a Rose Quart Calming Crystal.
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Express Yourself Intention Band

Our Express Yourself Intention Band reminds you to speak up, communicate with confidence and show up for yourself. When you speak up for what’s important to you, it empowers others to do the same. Wear the message facing yourself to remind you that you are worthy of communicating with confidence, or wear it facing the world, reminding those who see it that they too are worthy of expressing their truth. I think this intention is so important that I wrote a whole book about it! Learn more about the deeper meaning behind this message in my book, Express Yourself. Intention: "I am worthy of expressing my truth, and I communicate with confidence and ease." Every time you see your bracelet, remember this intention and rock your worth! Wear this band solo or pair it with a gemstone bracelet to amplify its intention and strengthen the power and purpose behind its meaning.
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Love & Happiness – Rose Quartz & Onyx Power Duo

Love Joy Emotional Healing
Feel the love–self-love, self-acceptance and attracting joy into your life. Rose Quartz, the stone of love, combined with protective Onyx, allows you let go of the past and attract love of all kinds with ease.
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Courage & Confidence Mens Bracelet, Tiger’s Eye & Onyx for Men

Confidence Courage Abundance
Tiger’s Eye combined with black Onyx makes you an unstoppable force – you’ll truly feel like a badass when you wear this bracelet.