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Motivation & Empowerment Iolite Bracelet


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Iolite is a high-level gemstone that emits a loving, powerful and healing energy stimulating imagination, happiness, peace, balance and self-acceptance. Iolite will help you rediscover yourself, activating youthful energy and increasing your self-worth. Use this gemstone to make peace with your past, harness your personal power and express your true self.

Our High-Level Luxury Iolite Bracelet is an 8mm Faceted Iolite Beaded Bracelet and includes our signature Rock Your Worth charm and how-to instructions for setting your own intention for this bracelet.

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Iolite inspires motivation and inspiration. Wearing Iolite can help to free you from the insecure thoughts or beliefs that prevent you from getting what you want. If you’ve been feeling discouraged, Iolite can help you regenerate your confidence and take action to achieve your goals and dreams.

Iolite helps you release stress and anxiety, and it brings harmony to you and your relationships while helping you achieve the peace, love, and contentment that you seek.

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