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Create Your Own Crystal Power Pack


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Curate your own custom Crystal Power Pack by choosing three crystals for personalized support and healing. Each gemstone or crystal has unique healing properties, so choose the combo that will help you feel or attract all that you desire! (Descriptions of stones below.)

Great for gifts! Create a custom power pack for a friend or a special person in your life, and give them a unique collection of crystals to boost positive energy, increase confidence or support in health & healing.

Package includes:Three (3) crystals, plus a Selenite stick for charging and cleansing your crystals to keep the good energy flowing. Also includes instructions for setting intentions and a pouch for safe-keeping and travel. Size and texture of stones will vary.


Amazonite – Courage & Confidence

Amazonite is an authentic gemstone that promotes hope and optimism, increases positive energy, and keeps you cool, calm and collected with confidence. It reduces stress, promotes peace, helps balance emotions, triggers intuition and promotes love and self-love.

Amethyst – Willpower & Strength

Amethyst is a powerful stone for Anxiety, Willpower and Inner Strength. It increases positive energy, protection, emotional balance, and activates intuition.

Clear Quartz – Positivity & Power

Get clear and confident with this stone, known for amplifying positive energy and accelerating your desires. Clear Quartz increases the power of intentions, energy, thoughts, as well as the unique properties of other crystals. It improves your mood, your thoughts and your vibration; others pick-up on this too making Clear Quartz a great stone for attracting and manifesting your desires.

Green Aventurine – Luck & Wealth

Green Aventurine is known as the “Stone of Opportunity” and is said to be the luckiest of all crystals, particularly when it comes to manifesting abundance of all kinds. Also known as the “Money Maker,” this gemstone will bring you more success, prosperity and wealth in new or existing ventures or career opportunities. Keep this stone close by when your desiring more financial abundance.

Green Moss Agate – Health & Healing

Green Moss Agate balances emotions and encourages an abundant mindset. A powerful stone for letting go of negative emotions, Green Moss Agate allows you to release the thoughts that are holding you back.

Lepidolite – Anxiety Relief

Rare and unique Lepidolite is a special gemstone that contains lithium, which is known to decrease anxiety, calm the mind and increase emotional stability. This magnificently powerful crystal dissipates negativity and empowers the wearer to feel calm and confident.

Moonstone – Peaceful & Optimistic

Moonstone is a powerful gemstone to enhance feminine energy. Known as the “Stone of Motherhood,” Moonstone is a beautiful white, opalescent crystal that represents femininity. This gemstone is known to enhance fertility, pregnancy, childbirth and all things related to motherhood. It is believed to balance female hormones and help digestive and reproductive systems, as well relieve stress, enhance intuition and ease emotions.

Onyx – Protection & Peace

Onyx is a powerful crystal known for its protective qualities. Onyx helps you feel secure in making decisions and confident setting healthy boundaries with others. It absorbs negative energy, from people or situations that interfere with your well-being. Onyx calms the mind and encourages you to respect yourself. The properties in Onyx help you feel confident in your decisions, as it eliminates worry and fear.

Pyrite – Money & Success

Pyrite will get your mind right! Power-player Pyrite is a major manifesting stone, helping those who wear it attract more abundance. It reminds you of what you want in life, and helps you think creatively to achieve your goals and dreams.

Rose Quartz – Love & Happiness

Rose Quartz is known for its uplifting properties, bringing more joy and love to those who use wear crystal. Rose Quartz encourages you to practice self-love, as it increases positive thoughts and reduces negative thinking patterns that interfere with your well-being. Use Rose Quartz to bring more love, joy and happiness into your life.

Smoky Quartz – Positive Energy

Smoky Quartz is the perfect crystal to relieve tension and stress, as well as eliminate worry and doubt, especially when you’re faced with chaotic or confusing situations. This powerful gemstone will help protect you from any negative energy in your life and negative thinking patterns.

Sodalite – Focus & Confidence

Sodalite is known to calm an overactive mind helping you concentrate, focus and make decisions with ease. This crystal is helpful for enhancing creativity and inspiration, optimizing focus, and assists in clear communication with yourself and others.

Tiger’s Eye – Courage & Strength

Tiger’s Eye is a powerful stone for Courage, Confidence, Strength and Motivation. It will give you inner strength, and it provides the confidence boost you need to achieve your goals in life and within relationships.


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