Do you know the best crystals for Cancers? Cancer is the fourth sign in the zodiac, governing over those whose birthdates fall between June 22 and July 22. Represented by (and named after) the crab constellation, Cancer is the second of three water signs and there are many crystals that help the Cancer’s in your life. 

Cancer (♋︎), June 22-July 22

Those born with their sun, moon, or rising signs under rule of the Cancer zodiac sign are known for being intensely emotional and deeply, even psychically, intuitive. Zodiac Cancers also share a reputation for being, well…crabby. But don’t worry. Even the most introverted Cancer will come out of their shell when surrounded by their loved ones.

What You Should Know about the Cancer Zodiac Sign

Like their crustacean counterparts, Cancers prefer to move through life in a protective “shell.” Because of their emotional nature, zodiac Cancers are prone to burnout and exhaustion. Though they may seem aloof at times, it isn’t that they don’t care—it’s that they care too much.

What are some of the strengths of the Cancer zodiac sign?

Zodiac Cancers are caring, nurturing, and loyal. Cancers are often looked at as motherly or protective. And with good reason—there isn’t anything a Cancer wouldn’t do to protect their friends and loved ones.

Zodiac Cancers are intuitive. With the Moon as their ruling planet, Cancers are naturally good at reading people and situations. Some astrologers believe zodiac Cancers are imbued with psychic ability. Either way, they tend to be quick and effective decision-makers once they learn how to follow their instincts.

Zodiac Cancers are sensitive and sentimental. There are few zodiac signs as perceptive and emotionally complex as Cancer. Empathetic at their core (sometimes to the extreme), zodiac Cancers can easily become emotionally attached to people, places, things, routines and ideology. This can manifest itself in collections of seemingly random keepsakes. Dig a little deeper, however, and you’ll find that zodiac Cancers aren’t stuffkeepers so much as they memorykeepers.

What are some of the challenges of the Cancer zodiac sign?

Zodiac Cancers can be overly emotional and moody. In the same way there is an ebb and flow to the ocean, and a wax and wane to the moon, Cancers can sometimes teeter between very intense emotions. This sloshing back-and-forth is emotionally draining for zodiac Cancers, robbing them of sleep, mental clarity, and peace in their relationships.

Zodiac Cancers can be sensitive to criticism and rejection. Cancers tend to read too much into rejections and constructive criticism. This can be attributed to their intuitive nature. When dealing with zodiac Cancers, err on the side of honesty, but soften the blow. This is one zodiac sign where blunt is never best.

Zodiac Cancers can be overbearing and vindictive. As protective as Cancers are over their loved ones, they are just as menacing to those whom they perceive have wronged them. Cancer parents can be particularly strict, erecting boundaries to keep their family safe, much to the dismay of their fun-loving children.

Zodiac Cancers have a “pack rat” mindset. The dark side of Cancer’s sentimentality is their rigid attachment to their surroundings. Zodiac Cancers enjoy having their space and their things kept in a specific way. This can cause strife in cohabitational relationships if a Cancer’s “stuff” is considered distasteful, imposing, or cluttered.

Our Favorite Cancer Birthstones and What They Mean


Named for its close resemblance to the full moon, Moonstone conveys the same ethereal water energy as the Cancer zodiac sign. Moonstone amplifies Cancer’s natural intuition while acting as a soothing balm for their mercurial emotional state. Opalescent Moonstone is also a great adaptogen, helping ease an emotionally overwhelmed Cancer through times of abrupt or tumultuous change.


An ancient birthstone for July, Chalcedony (also known as Blue Lace Agate) is largely considered a good luck stone for the Cancer zodiac sign. Traditionally a milky white-blue, this opaque variety of quartz boasts many of the same properties as Moonstone. Chalcedony is also reputed to harness positive energy, encourage restful sleep, and bring calm and optimism to Cancers struggling with insecurity.


Selenite is perfect for zodiac Cancers who wish to embrace or enhance their psychic intuitive abilities. A natural negativity repellent, think of Selenite as a karmic bug-zapper. Wear Selenite or carry it with you to amplify your intuition, neutralize negative energy, and store positive energy for when you need a boost. You can also place Selenite throughout your home for protection. 


Ruby is the official birthstone of the Cancer zodiac sign. Renowned for its nurturing and grounding energy, Ruby works in tandem with zodiac Cancer’s emotional openness to build confidence, excitement, and focus. Ruby is closely associated with creativity, boldness, and passion.


Pearl is lauded for its elegant beauty as well as its healing properties. Cancers looking to introduce more peace, balance, and health to their lives may want to refer to Pearl for guidance. After all, the smooth round gem knows a thing or two about going from irritant to the queen of gemstones.

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All Birthstones for the Cancer Sign

Other crystals and gemstones associated with the Cancer zodiac sign include:

These birthstones for the Cancer zodiac sign are a great way to balance emotional energy, amplify intuition, and bring calm when life is overwhelming. But remember: there is no “wrong” choice when it comes to crystals and gemstones! Follow your heart, follow your gut, or follow your eyes—whatever works for you!