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Happy Hearts Crystal Collection


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Just in time for Valentine’s Day! Our Happy Hearts Collection features heart-shaped crystals that encourage a positive mindset and enhance self-esteem. Great for both kids and adults, this gemstone set comes with Rose Quartz (love & happiness), Tiger’s Eye (courage & confidence), Green Aventurine (luck & love), and Selenite (cleansing & clarity).

These heart-shaped gemstones are wonderful tools for grounding and calming, as well as reminding you that you are safe and loved. This kit also includes a travel pouch for safe-keeping and instructions for setting intentions.

In stock


Green Aventurine — Happiness, Luck and Confidence

Feel loved and supported with Green Aventurine. This crystal is associated with the heart chakra and is known to enhance happiness, luck, love and motivation. Known as one of the luckiest crystals, Green Aventurine can help overcome obstacles with a positive mindset. It’s a motivational stone, helping to let go of past disappointments and feel optimistic about the future.

Rose Quartz — Love, Joy, Positive Energy

Rose Quartz reminds you that you are loved and important. This beautiful pink stone encourages self-confidence, friendliness, and a joyful attitude.

Tiger’s Eye — Strength, Bravery and Self-Esteem

Tiger’s Eye reminds you that you are strong. This powerful stone increases confidence and courage, while eliminating fear, worry and doubt. Tiger’s Eye will remind you of your inner power and strength to achieve whatever you put your mind to. This stone is known to help you feel supported, powerful and worthy of your dreams.

Selenite – Cleansing & Clarity

Selenite is a beautiful, peaceful stone that carries a very high vibration and helps to promote mental clarity, inner peace and can help to cleanse your surroundings of negative energy. Selenite can help to clear energy blocks from your aura, your home or from other crystals. It helps you strengthen your intuition, so you can clearly set your intentions.

To use Selenite, keep it close to your bracelets or crystals, place a piece by your bedside or desk, or carry it in your pocket. You can also move it around your body for quick reset to activate positive energy and thought patterns.

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