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High-Level Luxury Aquamarine for Peace & Confidence


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Aquamarine is a high-energy gemstone known to calm the mind, clear negativity and create peaceful energy for those who wear or see this crystal. The properties in Aquamarine help you feel focused, clear and confident in matters that relate to creativity and communication with others. A great gemstone to help you express yourself,  Aquamarine activates the throat chakra, helping you communicate easily and effectively.

Our High-Level Luxury Aquamarine Bracelet is an 8mm Faceted Aquamarine Beaded Bracelet (medium-to-larger sized beads). Includes our signature gold-plated embossed charm (6mm).

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Craving some inner peace, confidence or calming energy in you life? This high-level faceted Aquamarine gemstone bracelet has all the good vibes. These high quality crystals help wearers manifest confidence with powerful Aquamarine gemstone beads in this bracelet by Rock Your Worth!

Aquamarine gemstones will help you align with your highest good. It enhances your intuition and opens the sixth sense (aka, your intuitive spiritual awareness), allowing you to become more self-aware. It is calming and provides those who wear Aquamarine with complete serenity.

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