Give good vibes with Rock Your Worth tools for transformation! Our inspiring gifts are perfect for those who need an emotional boost or thoughtful reminder throughout the year. Combined with daily intentions and affirmations, our bracelets, crystals and gemstone toolkits serve as daily reminders of your worth, your goals and your values.

Worn or used daily, these tools allow you or your loved ones to be gently reminded that you matter and your dreams and desires are important.

Below are our top picks for gifts this year, and all are under $50. Most popular are our Rock Your Worth gifts for kids, with our individual kid’s bracelets or our Kid’s Collection power packs.

Plus, get gifts for friends or gifts for family with our most popular bracelet, the Petite & Powerful 4mm bracelet in a variety of unique healing powers or our top gift for loves ones, the Rock Your Worth Worry Stones & Calming Crystals.

Rock Your Worth Gift Guide

Gifts Under $50

Kids Focus & Fidget Crystal Kit

Kid’s Collection

Individual Bracelets ($27.95) or our Kid’s Power Packs ($49.95)

Our kids bracelets are visual cues that inspire positive thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Plus, each gemstone has unique superpowers for kids! Choose indvidiaul bracelets ($27.95) or choose one of our power packs ($49.95), which include two (2) 4mm beaded bracelets for kids. Each package also includes a surprise crystal for kids to keep with them at all times, plus kid-friendlyinstructions for setting powerful intentions and daily affirmations for building strength, confidence, and courage.

Amethyst Bracelet Rock Your Worth

Petite & Powerful Bracelet

4mm Bracelets ($44.95)

Our best-selling bracelet for adults is our 4mm bracelet, as they serve as tiny reminders, when worn daily, of the wearers intentions, affirmations, goals and worth. Each bracelet comes in a variety of superpowers and healing properties, so choose the bracelet based on how you want your loved ones to feel or what you want for them in your life. Also, perfect for layering, our Petite & Powerful Collection features gemstone beads that are small enough to stack on, but just as beautiful and powerful to be worn on their own.

Rock Your Worth Worry Stones

Calming Crystals ($14.95)

Perfect for those on your list who are often feel overwhelmed or anxious, our powerful “worry stones” (aka Calming Crystals) will help them feel better fast.Research shows that the self-soothing benefits that come from holding or touching a crystal are profound. The physical act of massaging a crystal for several minutes is proven to provide therapeutic benefits that help calm your nervous system, reduce stress and anxiety, interrupt negative thinking patterns, and improve focus to help you think clearly. Our Worry Stones do just that!

Custom Crystal Power Pack

Create Your Own Crystal Power Pack

Curate your own custom Crystal Power Pack ($39.95)

A great way to build a customized gift for anyone on your list, our Create Your Own Crystal Power Pack, allows you to pick three crystals, based on their unique healing properties. Plus, each custom crystal kit comes with a Selenite charging wand, making it a perfect idea for the crystal lover on your list.