The holiday season can be a stressful time of the year for many. Besides wrapping up presents, people are finishing up the work year, overextending themselves, forgetting about self-care, and putting everyone else first.

This can also be a melancholy time of year for some, feeling the absence of loved ones lost or relationships from the past. Rhodonite to the rescue! This special gemstone bracelet is the perfect gift for yourself or someone who needs a little extra love right now—this stone is so supportive.

Rhodonite Gemstone Bracelet

for Self-Love, Compassion & Happiness

Rhodonite is a crystal filled with love and balance. It has been nicknamed the “Stone of Love” as it helps you to really love yourself; when we learn to love ourselves we attract others who can do the same. Rhodonite produces generosity, joy, and happiness to anyone who wears it.

Rhodonite is a very strong stone that helps reduce anxiety and negative thoughts, while increasing self-confidence and overall happiness. This stone is a comforting stone that will “hold you” in times of distress. It will strengthen your heart and show you just how strong you can be, even in frustrating circumstances or stressful environments.

Our Rhodonite bracelets are available in both the 4mm Petite & Powerful style (tiny beads) and the 6mm Little Luxury style (small beads). Plus, each bracelet includes our signature gold-plated embossed charm (6mm), instructions for setting your own intentions, and a jewelry pouch for safe-keeping and travel. Shop our Rhodonite bracelets below, while supplies last.