Give the gift that everyone’s asking for this year—LESS STRESS! Luckily for you, we’ve got gifts that reduce stress & anxiety, help calm the mind and protect the spirit. Here are our top picks for helping everyone on your list feel better this holiday.

Stress Relief Gifts for Kids

Kids love crystals! Give the special kiddos on your list something from our new Kid’s Collection—gemstone bracelets and worry stones that come with kid-friendly directions to inspire self-confidence, teach mindfulness and help them feel in control of their emotions. Our bracelets are visual cues that inspire positive thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Plus, each gemstone has unique superpowers for kids!

Here are a few gifts we suggest:

Focus Pack for Kids – Aquamarine is a calming gemstone, known to increase inner peace and positive thinking, while Sodalite increases focus, clarity and confidence in communication. When paired together, this crystal combo will help kids feel clear in their thoughts, focused, and open to communicating with others. Plus, when you give them this kit, encourage them to repeat this intention daily, “I am focused and try my best.

Kids Focus & Fidget Crystal Kit

No Worries Kit for Kids – Amethyst is a calming gemstone, known to reduce anxiety and increase inner strength, while Onyx is a protection gemstone, known to protect against negative people and experiences. When paired together, this crystal combo will help kids feel safe and confident in their thoughts or actions, while reducing fears, anxieties and worries. The daily intention for this kid’s kit is, “I am confident and in control of my thoughts.

No Worries Kit for Kids

Calming Crystals – Our Amethyst or Sodalite Worry Stones are the perfect addition to any gift. These stones are helpful tools for focusing ones attention and are shown to calm the nervous system, ease the mind and improve concentration.

Sodalite Worry Stone Amethyst worry stone

Stress Relief Gifts for Your Bestie

They say that “birds of a feather flock together,” and when your friends are less stressed, so are you. This year, try something different and gift your besties a little something they can wear to reduce stress, eliminate anxiety and protect themselves from negative energy. Every time they look at their bracelet they’ll remember you and all that they’re worthy of.

Stress Relief & Positive Energy Bracelet – Our Petite Smoky Quartz bracelet is helpful for focus, protection and positive energy. Smoky Quartz is the perfect crystal to relieve tension and stress, as well as eliminate worry and doubt, especially when one is faced with chaotic or confusing situations. This powerful gemstone will help protect your friends from negative energy and negative thinking patterns.

Smoky Quartz Bracelet Rock Your Worth

Sleep & Stress Relief Bracelet – Our Petite Howlite bracelet is helpful for rest, relaxation and stress relief. Who couldn’t use that?! Howlite is known to relax the mind and body. This crystal eases stress and anxiety, making it a powerful cure for sleep challenges. The calming properties of Howlite will help balance sleep cycles and eliminate insomnia or restlessness. This powerful gemstone will help your bestie feel at ease and more relaxed daily.

Howlite Beaded Bracelet Rock Your Worth

Stress Relief Gifts for Men

When it comes to stress and anxiety, men are no different. Whether they will admit it or not, they too could use a little peace and protection. Below are our picks for men and the crystals they can wear to reduce stress.

Onyx – Onyx is the perfect stone to aid in stress-relief and protection from negative energy. A strong grounding and protection gemstone, Onyx has the energy to calm an anxious mind and reduce fearful thoughts. This powerful gemstone is known to increase inner strength, absorb negative energy, reduce anxiety, and provides you with the confidence to set healthy boundaries and make sound decisions. It dissolves fear of all kinds, allowing you to feel confident and in control of your thoughts.

Howlite – Howlite & Onyx for men increases balance, helps to calm nerves and reduces stress. An incredible combination for eliminating anxiety and fear, while protecting from negative people and soul-sucking energies. Howlite and Onyx will give the man in your life major protection from negative energy while calming his mind.

Crystal Quiz

Don’t know which crystal is best to give those on your list? Take our Crystal Quiz to find the best gemstone for all of the special people in your life.