Crystals have energy – specific vibrations that you can feel when you hold them, see them or wear them. Even if you can’t feel it completely, knowing that each crystal has unique healing properties can remind you of their therapeutic qualities and remind your brain of your intention or goal (aka how you want to feel or what you want to achieve or attract).

For example, the following crystals and gemstones will help improve or amplify your motivation.

Best Crystals for Motivation

1. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's Eye for MotivationTiger’s Eye is a powerful stone that instills both confidence and self-respect, and increases luck and protection in every area of your life. Tiger’s Eye will give you inner strength, and it provides the confidence boost you need to achieve your goals in life and within relationships. Tiger’s Eye is ideal for letting go of past relationships. This crystal is a powerful reminder of your worth, helping you set strong boundaries and attract healthier, more positive people into your life. Those who wear Tiger’s Eye manifest what they truly deserve and desire in life.

2. Amethyst

Amethyst for MotivationAmethyst increases willpower, which is key when you’re trying to achieve your goals and create new, healthy habits. This crystal is known for it’s positive energy, protection, strength, emotional balance, and activates intuition. Amethyst also helps you trust your intuition and is a powerful protective crystal that encourages inner strength. It is known as a healing crystal, encouraging introspection, true feelings and intuition. It is the stone of spirituality that cleanses the aura and body of negative energy including toxic emotions such as anger, anxiety, and fear; thereby, helping you create more positive thought patterns.

3. Pyrite

Pyrite for MotivationPyrite is a major motivation and manifesting stone. This crystal is know to help you attract more abundance, inner strength and achieve goals. Pyrite is powerful, it reminds you of what you want in life, and helps you think creatively to achieve your goals and dreams. Manifest more money, feel more confident on your career path, and boost your motivation with the power of this stone. Pyrite is the most powerful stone for attracting abundance and alleviating anxiety around your goals.

4. Onyx

OnyxOnyx for Motivation helps you clear the fear that’s holding you back from taking action towards your goals. It’s a powerful crystal for improving motivation as it provides protection and calming energy making you feel more confident. Onyx is a powerful protection stone, you’ll feel grounded, focused on the path to achieving your goals, protected from negative energy. When making our bracelets we often add Onyx, as its known to reduce fearful thoughts, offer protection and clears the fear  clear protection and power and a powerful shift in perspective every time you wear these gemstones.