Rock Your Worth

Food Freedom Collection

Special Edition by Sloane Elizabeth

Introducing the Food Freedom Special Edition Collection by Sloane Elizabeth, Food Freedom & Intuitive Eating Coach (check her out here).

Sloane is on a mission to help others Eat with Love and Intuition, so they can stop dieting, obsessing and feeling guilty around food. Her coaching comes from a combination of nutritional science and powerful spiritual manifestation to empower others to follow their own unique body’s signals so that they never feel the need to restrict again!

We’ve partnered with this powerhouse to bring you a very special collection featuring crystals hand-picked by Sloane herself to inspire intuitive eating, help you set healthy intentions daily, and manifest your dream life!

Personal Picks by Sloane


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Why I picked these stones…

 Green Moss Agate to Release Scarcity

“When moving through restrictive and fear-based thoughts about food and your body, it’s important to release scarcity and call in abundance. That is one of the powers of Green Moss Agate (plus it helps with healing and overall health)!” — Sloane Elizabeth

Rose Quartz for Self-Love

“Rose Quartz is my all-time favorite crystal! It is a self-love powerhouse that I keep on my keychain, desk and wrist ;) Everyone can use an extra dose of self-love when learning to love and embrace their bodies!” — Sloane Elizabeth

Rhodonite to Release Negative Emotions

“Many times, the desire to diet stems from something deeper around anxiety, self-worth, and control. Rhodonite is a stone that will hold you through the negative emotions so you can step into your true, soulful confidence!” — Sloane Elizabeth

Clear Quartz for Positive Energy

“This is the crystal of all crystals! It is a powerful cleanser that will help you bring more loving, light-filled, positive energy into your being. It’s time to release and forgive old stories and clear the way for your newfound confidence and freedom!” — Sloane Elizabeth