What are the best crystals for Leo zodiac sign? Leo energy is strong here at Rock Your Worth (our founder is a Leo), so we were curious about what crystals help those under this astrological sign. Those born from July 23 to August 22 fall under the Leo zodiac sign, and there are specific crystals that can help them harness their power. Represented by the Lion, Leos are confident, loyal, fun-loving kings and queens of the zodiac jungle.

What You Should Know about the Leo Zodiac Sign

Warmhearted and vivacious, Leo has a passion for life, fun, and luxury. Leos ooze charm and charisma, value self-awareness, and relish a good time. Because they are a fixed fire sign, they can also be rigid and inflexible, especially when they are chasing a goal with tunnel vision-like determination.

What are some of the strengths of the Leo zodiac sign?

Leos are fearless leaders. Charismatic Leo always takes charge when given the opportunity to lead. Leo leaders are brave, protective, and self-confident. Experts at creative problem-solving, Leos thrive in an environment where they can build something from the ground up or bring structure to chaos.

Leos are the life of the party. Leos don’t just steal the spotlight; they are the spotlight. Fun-loving Leos play as hard as they work, bringing their meticulous attention to detail and friendly competitive spirit to every social event. While this is mostly a positive trait, it may conflict as Leo’s sun-bright personality can easily overshadow less dominant zodiac signs.

Leos are passionate. Like all fire signs, Leos are passionate about the things (and people) they love. But unlike reckless Sagittarius or domineering Aries, Leos communicate their passion with clarity and easy. For better or worse, you will always know where you stand with a Leo—their practical and sincere nature insists on it.

What are some of the challenges of the Leo zodiac sign?

Leos are ambitious, sometimes to a fault. Always on the lookout for an opportunity to lead, Leos can butt heads with equally strong personalities; or worse—steamroll those who are less confident or extroverted. This can make rigid Leos appear insubordinate, controlling, or even bullyish.

Leos are high-maintenance. Simply put, Leos can be a lot. Extremely social and always on the go, Leos like to draw attention to themselves. Their love of bright colors, travel, and luxury make naturally make them the center of attention.Leos also have a flair for the dramatic, which can grow tiring.

Leos straddle the line between assertive and aggressive. Like their constellation namesake, the Lion, those born under the zodiac sign of Leo have a bite that matches their roar. Those who cross Leo should expect to go toe-to-toe with Leo’s brute stubbornness, which rivals that of even bullheaded Taurus.

The Best Crystals for Leo and What They Mean

When choosing crystals for a Leo zodiac sign, look for gemstones that compliment Leo’s mighty brute strength or ones that calm their rigid nature. Most importantly, look for a crystal that you feel called to, or that you think the receiver will love.

 Here are our top picks:

Onyx Bracelet Rock Your WorthOnyx

Stalwart and bold, Onyx elevates creative thinking and promotes patience and open-mindedness, dampening Leo’s intense tendencies. Onyx is a great stone for Leos who have risen quickly to a new level of power, or for those whose ambitions may have them flying too close to the sun. Onyx is a protective stone for all but this crystal for Leo energy can help them feel extra supported.


Like zodiac Leos, Peridot is an instant show-stopper. Bright yellow-green with a hints of gold flecked throughout, Peridot promotes love, honesty, fame, and prosperity—traits passionate Leo prizes above all else. Peridot is also known for its balancing properties, curbing frenetic emotions like jealousy and impatience.
Tiger's Eye Bracelet Rock Your Worth

Tiger’s Eye

Named for another member of the feline family, Tiger’s Eye is a powerful grounding stone. Painted a lustrous red-brown with “Cat’s Eye” reflectance, Tiger’s Eye clears toxic energies and limiting beliefs, while increasing focus and inner strength. Useful for Leos who need to renew their focus on the prize instead of the competition. Our Founder loves Tiger’s Eye as it reinforces her confidence and power.


Shimmering red-black, like a burning coal, Ruby appeals to Leo’s passionate side. Known for bolstering confidence and sense-of-self, Ruby also increases awareness, protection, and courage.


Sun-ruled Leos will appreciate Carnelian’s brilliant red-orange coloring, which mimics the solar hues of sunset. Carnelian encourages courage and artistic expression, assisting with creative thinking and finding one’s voice. Carnelian also tempers emotions and promotes commitment, helping multi-passioned Leo choose a project and stick with it until it’s complete.

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There are many gems and crystals for Leos. To get a full view of which stones may be right for you, be sure to refer to your sun, moon, and rising (ascendant). And remember: there is no wrong way to choose a crystal!