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Are you passionate about positive vibes and love sharing inspirational messages to your tribe? Do you have devoted followers who listen to your recommendations or take in every piece of advice you give? The Rock Your Worth Affiliate Program may be for you!

Rock Your Worth affiliate partners help share and promote our products to their community and around the world. Your primary commitment is to spread the word about our products in exchange for a commission rate applied when your referrals make a purchase.

For your efforts, affiliate partners earn a referral commission on all confirmed purchases.

Rock Your Worth Affiliate Partner

Benefits to Becoming an Affiliate Partner

  • 10% commission earned on every confirmed purchase.
  • Unique tracking URLs to share with your followers that can be tracked back to your account.
  • Monthly payouts.
  • Priority notifications of new products and special promotions for affiliates only.
  • Special promotions set up specifically for your blog or social network (please contact us to coordinate).
  • Exclusive sponsored giveaways for your blog or social network (please contact us to coordinate).
  • Complimentary product(s) for approved affiliates, pending your availability to meet promotional requirements.
Rock Your Worth Affiliate Program

Become an Affiliate

What will Rock Your Worth provide?

  • Use of Rock Your Worth brand assets to help you promote.
  • Unique tracking link for you to share and promote Rock Your Worth product offerings.
  • Commissions earned on all Rock Your Worth subscriptions and online purchases.

What do I have to do?

As an Rock Your Worth affiliate, your role is to help share and promote the benefits and features of our products to your community, your following and around the world. Rock Your Worth will provide you guidance and resources to do this effectively.

Can anyone become an Affiliate?

Yes, but you must be approved once your application has been submitted.  Our ideal affiliate is someone who has an established blog, social network or expert website that already promotes brands and products. Affiliates should be able to creatively showcase our products and be able to accurately provide the benefits and features in a unique way.

Terms and Conditions

Rock Your Worth will not be held responsible if you refer your link to people with computers that do not allow the cookies necessary to give you affiliate credit, or if they already have another affiliate’s cookie on their system.

Once approved as an ambassador, you will have access to our Rock Your Worth Affiliate Center to receive the tools and resources you will need to promote our brand and products.

Rock Your Worth affiliates need to have a positive account balance in order to be eligible to receive affiliate commissions.

Commissions will not be made on products purchased with your own affiliate link.

To view our complete affiliate partnership agreement and terms & conditions, please click here.

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